Move at the speed of oncology with an integrated approach to development. Trust our team for efficient, cost-effective solutions that usher your therapy from early discovery all the way to the clinic.

Assay Development

Progress the early discovery phase of your research with help from a team that develops and executes more than 100 biochemical and cellular assays per year for an extensive range of target classes.

High-Throughput Screening

Select the best screening approach, design and optimize an effective campaign, and identify quality hits with help from our experienced team.

Virtual Screening

Expedite your hit ID, hit-to-lead and lead optimization for ADME and toxicology profiles with computer-aided (in silico) drug design.

Large Molecule Screening

Discover, analyze, engineer, and own exclusive therapeutic antibodies using the antibody discovery platform from our partner, Distributed Bio.

Medicinal Chemistry and Synthetic Chemistry

Make informed decisions from early discovery through your IND-enabling studies with data from our experienced drug discovery chemists.

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Formulation

Elucidate the physical properties of your compound and ensure you move your best candidate forward with help from our pharmaceutics experts.


Drive development at every stage with rich DMPK ADME data – define potency against targets and optimize PK, validate toxicology and predict DDIs.

High Content Imaging

Visualize and measure phenotypic changes at the subcellular level in disease relevant cell-based assays

In Vitro PDX Assays

Assess potency and selectivity, identify MoA vis COMPARE analysis, and analyze multi-drug resistance with PDX combination studies.

3D Tumor Assays

Find the most promising candidates, tumor histotypes and molecular subtypes for further testing by evaluating the potency of your compound against SOC drugs.

Immuno-Oncology Assays

Accelerate your development with specialized adaptive and innate immune assays, including T cell, immune-mediated tumor killing, macrophage, dendritic, NK, and tumor cell-based assays.

Stem Cell Technology

Power your drug screening, biomarker discovery and evaluation of disease pathophysiology with custom human stem cell assays.

CRISPR Gene Editing

Create complex custom knock-in and knock-out cell lines for target screening alone or alongside RNAi screening with our shRNA library.

Pharmacodynamic Models

Confirm that your therapy is hitting its target and affecting cells the way you predict with pharmacodynamic models like graft vs. host and adoptive T cell transfer, and more.

Xenograft Models

Test your therapy in a translational system with fully characterized syngeneic, orthotopic, cell line- and patient-derived xenografts.

Humanized Models

Assess your cancer therapeutic in the context of a patient immune system in studies that employ immunodeficient mice, humanized tumor models, or humanized mice.

Translational Support

Enrich your understanding with data that reflects clinical endpoints using advanced tools like noninvasive in vivo imaging, tumor microdialysis, and flow cytometry.

Genetic Engineering

Design and create mouse models that suit your purposes with custom model creation and genetically engineered model breeding services.

Research Model Services

Manage your animal colonies with help from our scientific staff support services, and protect your investment by screening biologics for contamination and infectious agents.


Assess acute through chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity with our board-certified toxicologists, veterinary surgeons and pathologists, and regulatory specialists.

Safety Pharmacology

Assess how your therapeutic affects physiological function across key systems with our ICH core battery and supplementary safety tests.

Laboratory Sciences

Supplement your in-house capabilities or outsource your entire program to our extensive network of analytical laboratory facilities.


Characterize the ADME properties of your test articles throughout development with in vitro and in vivo drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies.

Molecular Imaging
and Radiochemistry

Evaluate your therapy’s exposure and binding to the target of interest and confirm expression of the desired pharmacology with early stage molecular imaging.

Pathology services

Gain insight to your therapy’s safety, efficacy, and MoA with anatomic and clinical pathology endpoints delivered by our expert veterinary pathologists.

Bioanalytical Services

Make confident research decisions from method development to clinical sample analysis with our accurate, reliable and efficient bioanalytical services.

Clinical Biomarkers

Maximize your clinical budget with early phase biomarker data that drives your decision to progress further into trials.

Biologics Testing Solutions

Test your oncology antibodies, vaccines, cell and gene therapies and biosimilars in preparation for market with our robust GMP manufacturing services.